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Bits and Pieces

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Bits and Pieces



Here are some articles that will give you some food for thought about play for young and old, and how the nature of play is changing in our world.


Meet Tim Rowett,71-year old eccentric toy collector

How the iPad Replaced the Toy Chest

Is tech the new comforter for children?

Tablets and Toddlers

Tablets Dominate the Toy Aisle

All the weird toys from your childhood

Tinkerers Unite! How Parents Enable Kids' Creativity

 Play for the Aged: Never too old to play!

 Look How Tech Has Ruined Your Childhood Toys

 Behind Toy Design




JUMP is the intelligent way to nurture enquiring minds, plan and budget toy purchases, support a community of budding entrepreneurs, support local schools and institutions, start you own small business from home.  It's as easy as a hop, a skip and a JUMP to order quality educational toys online or by telephone from your local Jump agent.


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The biggest importers and direct suppliers of premium stationery brands, ergonomically designed to support left-handed children and adults. OT approved range of scissors, pens, pencils, sharpeners and books among other household items. An online business that delivers nationwide within 24-72 hours door to door.



kid-ease SENSORY

Shop for seamless socks and underwear for those little ones who are tactile defensive.