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Straight Talk

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Straight Talks

Karen Powell has a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy (Paediatrics) and has been working with children since the start of her career.  Straight Talks are interactive workshops where teachers get to participate as children and experience the excitement and struggles of the young child in the classroom.  

Today’s parents are more thirsty for knowledge about their children’s development than ever before.  The internet is a wonderful resource for teachers and parents alike, but sometimes doing the research takes precious time which we don’t have.  Why not invite a professional to speak at your moms’ group or your child’s school to share on one of the topics below?

Straight Talks aim to make teachers’ lives easier by:

a)    Providing tips for the classroom that can assist not only children with special needs, but whole class by modifying the tasks as well as the environment
b)    Linking teachers with suppliers for the items demonstrated in the classroom
c)    Giving new insight into the child’s world of play and school


-    Straight Talks: What makes a real play experience? (Pre-school):

Too many toys.  Does my child even remember what he got for Christmas?  Our children live in a world of “more more more”.  How do you ensure that all areas of development are adequately stimulated?  What makes a good toy?  What should I buy my child for Christmas or his birthday?  Would you prefer a few quality toys rather than heaps of plastic? Have all your play and toy questions answered in a fun and interactive play workshop hosted by an occupational therapist specialized in paediatrics.

-    Straight Talks: Concentration Challenges (Foundation phase):

From as early as Grade 00 some parents are informed that their children can’t concentrate in class.  In the foundation phase this starts to become a real problem as it interferes with the child’s learning experience. What causes poor concentration?  Is my child just “busy”?  What are my options?  Is Ritalin really the only way forward? Why can my child sit quietly in front of the tv?  This workshop is aimed at all those working with children in the foundation phase who have heard too many times “that child is hyperactive”.  Come  and hear about the latest research in this field and explore the options available.

-    Straight Talks: Handwriting Hassles (Pre-school or Foundation phase):

Why does it matter how my child holds his pencil?  Is the school expecting too much from him?  Parents and teachers can learn how and why to encourage a better pencil grip from the time children first start to grasp objects, and why hand function is so critical in all spheres of the working world.  From the correct posture, to working surfaces and stationery, this interactive try-it-yourself workshop addresses these concerns in a fun and practical environment.


-    Parent workshop: Limitless Play also available soon with great ideas for selective rather than excessive Christmas shopping


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